Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hide and Seek

Call loud, call out, or otherwise I won't know you're about,
Ivy wraps around me,
I hear scuffling next to me,
Are they coming?

I am relying on this hiding spot,  To keep my friend and I safe,
She whispers to me “ Don't breathe, don't move,”
They are coming closer every second,
Don't move a muscle or we will be spotted.

The rose bush pricks me,
A hush falls on the park.
I'm going to get found,
Don't rustle the damp leaves.

The fence towers 1,000 meters tall.
The darkening ground waves at me in a friendly way.
They are here,
Curl your legs and arms in.

They rush up to the rose bush faster than ever,
The flax holds their breath.
I'm going to get found!
Be silent.

Their face peers around the bush,
They prowl into the bush,
“I found you.’’

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