Monday, 19 September 2016

Overprotective parents

Overprotective parents

I was writing a speech this term. When I was writing my speech I was learning how to put little stories into my writing to give detail. I can use parts of the speech structure rubric, but it lacks balance, connections or flow, for example I have used rhetorical questions, exaggerated and complex sentences. Many ideas connect to the point of view. I use several language device to persuade and connect with audience. I was nervous at the beginning but I think my presentation of my speech went well because I use many ways to make the audience feel included.

Please click to listen to my speech, or read it below.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re not allowed to do anything? Or that maybe your parents just want you for themselves?

I've put two and two together and I've figured out that parents aren't the people we thought they were. 

Parents are polluting our minds with pessimistic thoughts and make sure you don't go anywhere without them!!!

Do you remember that time when you wanted to go to your friends house? But your mum told you “No, you're not old enough.” Well I remember when that happened to me. It was one Friday after winter sports, I was supposed be going to my friends for a sleepover, but when I looked out the window in my class, guess who I saw, MUM! I never should’ve believed her, that she would let me go on my own. It was so embarrassing!!!

Or that time when you wanted to go to the shops, but no your dad just says  “Not on your own.” 
When I wanted to go to the shops on my own my mum just said “Sure why not.”  But when I was walking along I saw her car pull over right in front of me. Someone in my class once went to the shops on their own and their mum drove down to the shops and when they got there she said “Oh, what a surprise seeing you here!”

Or maybe it was that time when you wanted to get an app, but no both of your parents tell you in a stern voice 
“We don't want you to get kidnapped.” I once downloaded an app without telling my mum, but nothing happened. After about one month I told my mum, she got hot under the collar!!!  Since when were parent so over protective?

It seems like they're wrapping us in cotton wool. They’re guardians looking over us all the time. They’re taking over our lives…… 

What's my theory for all this you ask? Well I'm sure that out there somewhere there is a group of pensive parents purposely preventing us going anywhere without them. 

Your parents finally let you go to your friends house, but only, when you've just turned ten, but yet again for only half an hour!!! 

What's my solution for this? You could buy a phone then your parents can text you or ring you. If you don't have much money you could just make a deal that you can have one play date at someone else's house and one sleepover at someone else's house every month. I'm going to try talking to my parents about doing this to make it so that I'm not with them the whole time. I could make a web page with a whole lot of ways to make it so you aren't with your parents the whole time, I could also make a page where parents can get tips to not be so overprotective. 

So what are you going to do to when you get home after school today? Are you going to talk to your parents about it? Or are you going to be to scared too?

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