Monday, 30 May 2016

Tree heights

Clip clip. My helmet is on - in my mind I cheer with excitement. “Can I go first? Can I go first?” I ask the instructor. 
“Wait, you still have to put your harness on,” she replies. I have a big smile covering my face even though I have to wait longer. “When are we going to start?” I say to myself.

The ladder towers above me, ten feet high. I start climbing, one step, two steps, three steps. My eyes are riveted to the ground. The instructor stands under me, saying “Don't look down.” I'm too busy looking at the ground to listen to anyone. Allofasudden I have the thought that, 
“Maybe the instructor doesn't know what she's doing, Maybe I'll hurt myself.” 

My trembling hand reaches for the first light blue, sweaty, wood block. I look at my hand to make sure it won't slip-my skin is death-threatening white. 
“Why are you doing this?” I ask myself.

My hand slips, I'm going to fall on my head. To my surprise I'm going down very very slowly. 
“I'm not going to fall on my head!” I accidentally blurt out of my mouth. I take a ginormous relieved sigh when I finally touch the ground with my big toe. 

It's my go again, but this time it's the tallest tree in the whole camp. I swallow as I cling to the first branch and heave myself up. I slowly but carefully repeat the pattern over and over again until I make it to the top. I scream with joy, “I did it,I did it!” I tell myself again and again!


I was learning how to write in present tense and how to show not tell. I think I did well with writing in present tense but not so well with show not tell, because at first I said “And then, and then, and so,” but I fixed that by looking in my bright sparks book. How ever  all the words in my bright sparks book, I had already used. So I had to look in the teacher's/class’s bright sparks book. I found lots of good words I hadn't used, so I used them. My next steps are to spend more time focusing on not using show not tell.

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