Thursday, 14 April 2016

Arts term learning

Her perfect voice 
sings in my ears 
never stopping. 

Her clothes make her an 
angel to look at ( she probably 
hides her wings in her bedroom ).

She always laughs at my 
silly/bad jokes, and I get a 
cheeky smile on my face.

She makes a perfect impression 
on everyone and spreads
smiles as her day goes on.

I can’t breath, when she hugs 
me, but it always makes 
me feel warm inside.

She carries her bubble 
gum and candy floss 
scent everywhere.

If everyone had an 
auntie like her then I 
would always be smiling.


This term I have been learning about the six different parts of music, beat, rhythm, tone colour, dynamics, tempo and pitch. 

To show this learning I created a soundscape that shows the happy/love emotion in my poem. 

My soundscape is relational because I used upbeat string instruments like the viola to make it feel happy and loving. I also used a ukulele. I played G and C cords, which are both major.  

The next steps for my soundscape is to make it a universal language that most people can relate to.  

1 comment:

  1. you did really well at discribing what she is like. When I read your poem I could connect with you because it reminded me of my auntie especially when you said you can't breath when she gives you hugs. But it also reminded me of my mum. You built images in my mind i love your poem.