Thursday, 18 February 2016

Where is my happy place?

                                           Where is my happy place?

Where piwakawaka 
Stalk me, because 
Of the bugs I kick up 
Into their beaks.

Where mako mako 
Land on the branches,
Making them bounce up and down,
Looking like they're about to break.

Where kotare 
Swing back and forth 
On the power line, 
Singing their little hearts out.

Where ti kōuka 
High five each other, 
In the warm breeze
On top of the hills high.

Where ocean water 
Punches the side of the cliff, 
Crumbling bits off,
Making it more and more unstable.

The light fades making it more and more dim 
at the thought of going home.

I am learning to….
use personification in a poem

I am going….
Okay because I have written all of my ideas and I think I have used the right words for example “Ocean water punches the side of the cliff, crumbling bites off, making it more and more unstable.”

My next steps are….
To ask for feedback and use better words.

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