Monday, 14 December 2015

lolly island

The gummy planes fly through the candy floss clouds. The lollipop trees stand by  the mentos path down below us. The mentos path leads to the grape-flavoured sherbet sand, that the  Gummy bears were tanning in the rays of the sun. Afterwards we went and tanned on the beach with the  the gummy bears. We can't resist the  taste of the grape flavoured sherbet. The sand is as soft as sheep's wool. As we pick up the soft sherbet sand. It slips through our fingers onto the towel and makes a mess.
“It is so good!!!”

The biscuit  bridge leads to the lemonade water. When it rains it rains juice which falls into the water and makes fizzy pop. All at once the cake cars zoom around on  the roads made out of bubblegum straps.

The penguins follow the cake car which lead them to where all of the other penguins are. They are in an enclosure with an igloo made out of sugar cubes. The kid gummy bears visit the penguin enclosure and feed them chocolate fish.

We walk out of the enclosure and back to the entrance, we decide to go for a walk in the forest. We go down the mentos path and we take a right turn to the forest, there was a threat sign that said beware

“Eskimos roaming.” We decide to go through the entrance, as soon as we walk in, straight in front of us was the Hansel and Gretel house. We rush into the house with excitement. It is like an enchanted castle towering over us like a giant monster.  

sacred,” whispers Sophia. We wake up with a gasp, as we realise it was just a dream.“I just had a really good dream,” Ophelia exclaims sitting up on her bed and smiling with joy. “So did we” Sophia and Kaia laugh, sitting down on their beds.

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  1. Hi i really like the part where you say the gummy planes fly through the candy floss clouds it reminds me of my dream last night also I really enjoyed it because it was really creative story.