Thursday, 29 October 2015

The tree

The brown specialed tree stood In front of me like when my mum is about to tell me off. The bristle wind slithers up my spine like a snake slithering up a tree. The trees in the distance hugged the fence like a big family cuddle. The brown fence blocked out the red house so they couldn't stare over at me. The grapevine climbed up the fence like someone climbing up a ladder. The colorful birds chartered around me like all my friends chatting. My brothers scream filled the air and killed all the birds ears. The flowers bloomed all over the place, there was not a spot of grass to be seen. Smells of mown grass lingered up my nose making me sneeze. Drip drop drip drop, the rain starts falling like shimmering stars twinkling in the sky. The grass was full of puddles as if they were drowning. The twinkling dewdrops sit on the lichen. 

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