Thursday, 24 September 2015

Spiky death trap

"Kaia do you want to go for a walk?" my grandma asks me.
"Sure!" I reply "But first we need to wait for grandad."

"Ew!" There's poo on the footpath. But my grandma and grandad just march on like soldiers at war. I try to get their attention but they won't listen. 

The birds soar over me and twitter their lovely tune. As I walk along the path the hill looks like a lush green jungle but it is actually  a spiky death trap. The holes were camouflage, waiting there until someone comes to fall in.

The twirling path slithers around the hill like a snake following its prey. The sun shimmers on the dark blue sea. The sound of cow bells surround me like bees surrounding the queen bee.

"I finished the walk," I think to myself. "I'm as tired as a sweaty dog." I run up and down the hill with happiness. I finish running up and down the hill. I think to myself, I survived the puffing and panting of a walk. 

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