Sunday, 20 September 2015

My speech

Do you want something really bad? Do you beg your mum and dad for something? like an iPad, TV or a pair of shoes but your mum and dad say no! It's too expensive, no! You'll just get addicted or no! They'll just break at school. I thought I would never get what I wanted that day.

It was just a normal Saturday afternoon. I was anchored to the middle of my room reading a book and mumbling the words to myself. I felt like I was sitting on a chair but I was sitting on the floor, on the soft carpet. I had wanted a cat for as long as I can remember. 

At that moment the door squeaked open and my mum walked in, she asked me why I was mumbling (like all mothers would) I replied with "I'm sick of no one to play with and talk to." 
My mum just stared at me and said "Why don't you play with your brother?" I didn't answer her, she knew I wouldn't.

My mum started gracefully walking over to the neighbours, all of a sudden my day seemed dull gray again. It felt like it had been 1000 years when my mum walked up the driveway. It felt like the dullest day of my life. 

When my mum came to check on me she asked me to come with her to the neighbors house for a surprise, a super special surprise. 

When we got there my neighbor didn't answer the door. Why wasn't she there? Why was I so confused? Why was I angry? I didn't notice my mum walking into the garage. I turned around and she wasn't there, my tears started frantically, zigzagging down my face. 

They didn't stop. Finally my mum came and got me, she took me in her arms and away I went, on the mum steam train. When we got to the garden I saw the cutest thing I had seen in my whole life, then the sound of purring cat overflowed the moment. All of a sudden excitement burst out of me like a volcano erupting. I couldn't help myself but pat the soft fur on the cat's back. 

The lesson I learnt from all this is if you wait long enough you will usually get what you want.


  1. Well, I have been waiting for YEARS AND I STILL DON'T HAVE A HORSE!!! Mum thinks there just 'to much hard work'. Anyway, I love your speech. I know that feeling when you've felt like you have waited 1000 years. Imight try showing this speech to mum!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog