Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arts reflection

This term we were learning about how the arts connect to the community. We made some plays and we performed them in town yesterday. I was nervous but I was proud that I did it. I liked the part when Mrs Bentall sang. 

I was looking at the audience the whole time and facing them too. At the end I went to go and get my mum but she didn't want to come and dance. I saw other people's parents hugging their children - this is showing whanaungatanga.

The audience clapped at the end of each play because they enjoyed it like me. At home my mum said that it was very good, I was happy.

I'm going to continue to use the arts by making my neighbors happy. I think that my ideas about the arts connecting to the community has many ideas because they all have a reason.

This is the link of my dance: 

Photo taken by Neil Macbeth 

This photo is showing people enjoying the performances.

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