Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Going in the donut

 "I don't want to!" is all I remember. 

Oh that's right.  There I was at the beach shaking with fear not wanting to do anything at all. "If you don't get in here right now I'm going up," my grandad shouts at me.

"But it looks scary, and it's not like you've ever gone in the donut!" I yell back at him. 

He looks at me and rolls his eyes "Just get in would you."
“But the water's cold.” 
"You complain too much." 
“No I don't.” 
"Yes you do. Just get in." 
“Fine,” I say and I jump in. 
“How fast do you want me to go?”
“Slow,” I say.
"How slow is slow?" 
"Two kilometers per hour?"
"That's too slow. How about 30 kilometres per hour in the motor boat."
"Ok" I say to myself. Then, I get in and off I went zooming through the water at top speed. I don't fall off, this is fun I think to myself. 

That's my experience of going fast on water.

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