Thursday, 30 July 2015

Science term writing

In term two it was our science term and we were trying to be as close to a scientist as we could with water.
I investigated 
What is the temperature
How many trees where there
How many stones were on the bottom
How much algae is there 
How much sediment
For example sediment is bad for invertebrates to live in because then they can't breath.
Why is this?
If we litter others will, but if we don't litter than others won't. This is good because then we won't have rubbish in our waterways.

Take action
I made a pamphlet with some of my friends 
I asked the teacher if we could go down to the storm water drain and she said yes and we went and tested the health and it was poor 

It is good that we take action to things to see if they are good or bad and our world will get better and better.

Today is the end of term two I am happy and sad, happy because the holidays is tomorrow, sad because I'm going to miss my friends. I think I've had a pretty good term and a happy one.

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