Monday, 4 May 2015

the fluffy tale

PLONK! OW! What was that?  Oh it was an acorn. Squeak squeak.  Shuffle shuffle. What was that?
I could feel the misty wind brush past my neck, making a shiver wriggle up my spine. I twitched. I could see a bushy red tail poking out of the tree trunk. It was fluffy, an acorn colour and long. At first I thought it was a fox, so I yelled "Fox!" and ran. Then I saw a little nose. I said “Oh look at that little black nose. It's so cute.” Then I noticed two little black eyes looking at me. I screamed so loud my mum came running. She said “What's wrong Kaia?” I was puffing too much to answer her. Then it went into the sun and it was a . . . .



  1. I love it how you say "PLONK! OW!" IT reminds me of falling over and the acorns falling on my head. When you say " a shiver wiggled up my spine" it makes my spine shiver.Well done kaia that story connected to me.

    1. thank you so much Elizabeth. i will comment on your blog soon.

      from Kaia