Sunday, 22 March 2015

The race

BANG!!! That was the starting signal, I could see the rays of sun from the peachy red sky as I heard the first person dive into the water with a big splash. A drip of chlorine dashed into my eye like a rocket landing on the moon, I tried to wipe it out but it made it worse. Then all of a sudden, it was my go. I dived into the water, head first and man it hurt. But I kept on going (freestyle). 1,2,3 breath. 1,2,3 breath. 1,2,3,4! I had done one to many strokes but I had to keep on going for my team, and for me. I looked to one side.  Oh no I've been overtaken. So I looked to the other side.  Oh no this is terrible - I'm coming last place! I have to speed up for the team, I thought. When I got to the end I found out that my team had come. . . .first place!  I won it for them. Then my team carried me and it was great. I felt like the king of the castle.
                               The End


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    1. I love you so much mum I had a grat day today

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    1. Thank you mum I also love you

      Lot's of love Kaia

  3. KAIA this piece writing was amazing it was very good I loved it made me feel as if I was there competing against you I remember when a teacher called out GO and we all swam off trying as hard as we could to not fall behind and we can all think about this and most of us could relate I definitely can and I just want to say congratulations for you and your group I felt as if I could jump up and down when I came a good place in the future I wonder what swimming will be like?